Sunday, June 26, 2011

He Walked Across the Street....

Coca-Cola Tech by Studio Antwan

For those of you not familiar with Atlanta geography and landmarks....the beautiful campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology is in downtown Atlanta.  Along with that, is the world headquarters for Coca-Cola.  Actually, they are right across the street from each other.  Literally. 

My husband graduated from Georgia Tech in December 1972 and after celebrating Christmas and New Year's with family and friends.....he walked across the street.  He started his new job January 2, 1973 with Coca-Cola.

He worked HARD.  VERY hard.  VERY, VERY HARD.  He made his way through the ranks.

He has many-a-story to when his territory, as a young buck, was Plains, GA when Jimmy Carter was President.

The little boy from Panthersville, GA with determination, perseverance, and smarts, carved out a career that not many nowadays can experience ~ almost forty years with the same company.

This little girl from Birdsboro, PA is grateful.  Very grateful.

We were blessed to be afforded some terrific perks and opportunities all along the way, almost too many to recount.  We did some fabulous travelling ~ with two of my favorites being the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway (magical), and fun trips to such enchanting places as England, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, France, Monte Carlo, Italy, Israel, Egypt, and Hong Kong.

JT (as his Coke family calls him) had a stellar career ~ brightly shining.  And now it dims.  His choice.  It is time.

Words can not really express how PROUD we are of him.  Our family is thankful for this man and his career.

And now.....BLESSINGS and LOVE, as he comes full circle.  As, once again ~ he walks across the street. 

He will be working with GA TECH.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

God is Awful

Did you have an intake of breath after reading the title of this post?

Are you shaking your head, and saying to yourself, "Whaaaat?"  "Has she gone crazy?"

Yep, my God is awful.

Did you know that the origins (c. 1300) of the word "awful" once meant "full of awe" or "awe-inspiring."

Early definitions state:  "filling with profound reverence," or "with fear and admiration fitted to inspire reverential fear;" "profoundly impressive."

Only in the late 18th century did "awful" acquire its modern meaning of "very bad," probably through repeated use to mean "so bad as to inspire awe."

This brings to mind the recent tsunami, earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods.  Awful.

Do I understand the horrifying death, destruction and devastation wrought from these?  No.

It is part of the Fall; of living in a Fallen world.

However, God is sovereign.

It harkens us back to the mysterious awe of the Creator and Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent One who reigns.

My God is and always will be full of awe.

Prayers and blessings go out to all who were affected by the disasters.

O LORD, our Lord,
How majestic is Your name in all the earth,
Who have displayed Your splendor above the heavens!
Psalm 8:1

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