Monday, August 8, 2011

Pieces of the WHOLE

I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles.

I believe it started later in my life when in the summers I would visit my then retired Grandmother (she retired in her early 80's and lived to be 103), and she always had a puzzle going.  We would sit for hour after hour, day after day, side by side.

We would share a laugh, share a moment, and share the luxury and peace of being together.

My daughter's hand in my Grandmother's
She would separate the pieces into boxes:  sky, faces, flowers, etc., etc.  We would exchange boxes, exchange our smiles, and exchange our love.

The pieces would connect, and we could have a WHOLE.  The satisfaction Grandmom and I.

WHOLLY loved, one by the other.



  1. Lovely post! My mother (Debbie @ Of His Pasture blog) sends her greetings. For some reason, she cannot comment on your blog. Hopefully she'll be able to figure out the problem soon.


  2. So sweet, I love puzzles too, so does brandon.

    Love the heart puzzle picture.


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