Friday, July 29, 2011

He Loves Me.....


I am a jerk.  He loves me anyway.

I am a liar.  He loves me anyway.

I am selfish.  He loves me anyway.

I am fickle, a breaker of my promises.  He loves me anyway.

I am judgemental.  He loves me anyway.

I am fearful.  He loves me anyway.

I am wasteful.  He loves me anyway.

I am LOVED......STILL.

Thanking You, Lord God, for Your unconditional, longsuffering, gracious, merciful, and sacrificial LOVE....for the ultimate price You paid for me ~ for there is NO CONDEMNATION in Christ Jesus.  Oh, that I will be transformed more and more into Your image day by day.  Looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith......STILL.

This is part of a fun exercise over at (in)courage; Five Minute Friday


  1. Ooh, I love this take on "still!" Thank you for sharing today. . .

  2. Yes Lord thank you for loving me still!!!!

  3. Yes, Yes, Yes!!! We have an almighty God, and how thankful I am for His mercies.

    Dear sweet friend of mine... I received something wonderful in the mail a few days ago. What a treat to open my mail box and see an envelope with my name on it. an envelope with an return address from someone so special to my heart! i started to breath heavy as i could hardly wait to run up my long driveway and get inside the house and tear it open!!!!

    I devoured every last word and have read it 6 times over. there is nothing like sweet words from a friend!!! :-)

    Thank you!

    I'll email you later tonight!
    Love carissa

  4. Just read your comments on my blog, thanks. I will have to look into that devotional. Your comment about being a tea drinker in a coffee world and a be-er in a do-er world really reminded me of myself. I recently did a blog on that topic, check it out.


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