Thursday, December 16, 2010

All I Want for Christmas is....

.....WORLD PEACE ~ right?  RIGHT.

Definitely.  But, this is not what this blog is about.

I have many favorite Christmas songs..... but, again, that is not what this post is about.

Today I would like to share one of my LEAST favorite songs with you:

"All I Want for Christmas is You."

Ugh ~ I think it is a combination of being OVER-PLAYED and the vision of Mariah being a silly caricature of herself in the inappropriate costume.

But, anyway....I have found a way to not only tolerate it, but embrace it.

Now, all the lyrics aren't quite symbiotic to my point....but the overall focus is now changed.

All I want for Christmas is........YOU, JESUS!

Yes, I already have Him.  I asked Him to be my Savior almost forty years ago,  I have a relationship with Him and He resides in me.  However, so does my SELF, and as Princess Diana once stated:  "It is a bit crowded."
So, LESS of me, and MORE of JESUS.

The irony of Christmas in today's culture is that we give EVERYONE else gifts, except the BIRTHDAY BOY...the PERSON whose birthday it really is and for whom we supposedly celebrate.

So, what would a good Christmas gift for JESUS be?

"ALL HE wants for Christmas is........YOU!."

After all, He left His throne, broke through the glory of heaven to come to earth, humbly and earnestly ~ to die a horrific, torturous death because He wants a relationship with you NOW and for all eternity.

Won't you give Him the gift of yourself? 

Visit here for giving and receiving the GREATEST GIFT of all!

So, perfect ~ all I want for Christmas is JESUS and all He wants for Christmas is ME and YOU!!!

I found this cute youtube version of the song.  I don't know these girls....but, how refreshing.
(You can stop at around four minutes....somewhat redundant and don't want to waste your time.)

Blessed gift giving and receiving!

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  1. Hello dear Becky...thank you for the wondeful love you share with so many...your love for Jesus and your love for others.
    I left you a little note on Stella's Apron Strings...right there under the "special delivery post". :) The comment is wrapped in love for YOU!:)
    God bless you and yours this New Year!
    With hugs and a grateful heart,
    Linda (C's mom) :)


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